Monday, February 14, 2011

New to Blogging and New to Vegan

Here I am. A Wanna-be Hippie with a blog of my very own... Now what to do with it?

I actually have a plan - but only for the next three weeks so far. I am an iPhone free-app junkie who recently downloaded the Vegan 21 Day Kickstart.  My husband and I have been talking off and on for several years about wanting to try more vegetarian meals as a healthier option but I always found myself at a loss as to what to eat to replace that meat we knew and loved so much. So I would try a recipe and more often than not we would not like it and would not talk about going vegetarian again for months.  And until very recently I thought those vegan people were just taking it way too far! Take away my cheese and milk?? You've gotta be kidding me! My brother and his wife recently tried out the 21 Day Kickstart and have had great things to say about it. And I have a friend from high school who posts's on Facebook about her vegan eating. So here we are, ready to give it a try.

I downloaded the app last week and have been gradually getting more excited.  We even tried a recipe last week with broccoli, garbanzo beans and garlic that my hubby, our 15 month old and myself all loved!  So I was totally psyched yesterday when we did our shopping for the first few days. And I was excited to make today's lunch yesterday so hubby could brown bag it to work today. And I was REALLY excited about the strawberries and vegan mousse we found at the store - YUM!

And then I woke up this morning - sick.  My throat hurts, my nose is runny, my body aches and I'm tired. I don't feel like eating - much less new foods. As it turns out neither does the kiddo. My goal has been to follow the plan as closely as possible.  However; I've already given the kiddo yogurt and cheese crackers.  He's not a fan of couscous or carrot-roasted bell pepper soup which were on the menu for lunch. So the first adjustment to the plan is that I will be introducing my son to all the vegan foods - but he will eat his regular vegetarian diet if he doesn't like the vegan meal (he has been vegetarian his whole life).  As for me? I will stick with it, but likely not with the portions called for until I'm feeling better. The appetite always seems to go out the window with cold symptoms.


  1. Way to go, Kathy! I could probably do vegetarian, but I'm not sure I could do the vegan thing long term.
    Actually, I wouldn't mind trying, but getting the carnivore husband on board would definately be a challenge!
    Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

  2. I believe I would like to be vegan too but I just love meat and cheese too much! Proud of you though for doing this.

  3. Way to go! If you want a good vegan recipe for when you feel yucky you can't go wrong with pho. There are many good recipes out here, this is a good one.

    That is a cute blog to read, a Mom of two girls from Portland and her adventures in parenting and cooking vegan foods.

  4. Molly - thankyou! I was hoping you would have a good recipe for me while I'm sick! Jon's off at the store getting ingredients now! I'll have to figure out how to follow that blog. Still trying to figure it out and it's hard on my phone because the blogs take FOREVER to load.