Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vegan Day 2 & 3 - Still Sick

I should probably point out right off that I am not sick because of going vegan.  I still have a bad cold that is making it a bit hard to be trying new foods.  Okay - more than a bit hard.  I'm craving comfort foods which for me include chicken broth, mac and cheese... seriously anything with cheese. Oh cheese how I miss you already... But I have stayed true to vegan!

Hubby is loving the spiciness of the vegan recipes we've had so far.  Funny since while shopping a few days ago he was less than thrilled about it.  The kiddo and I are not as keen on the spice factor.  I'm trying to do all of the recipes presented in the app as they are presented but I'm going to need to learn more about the various spices to tame them down.  I've found so far our vegan dishes are calling for spices I don't typically use (curry, cumin).  Also lots of green onion and red peppers.

Things I love? Homemade hummus, soy yogurt and popcorn with nutritional yeast. Kiddo loves the veggie burgers (I do too but I already loved veggie burgers).  Also loved the Pho recipe recommended by a friend as a good sick food - though I ended up watering it down since the broth was a little spicy for me.

I am starting to dream of vegan things off menu that I'd love to try - like marinaded and grilled portobello mushrooms and I'd like to find a vegan pizza recipe - or make one up. I'm thinking a pesto sauce with tofu and nutritional yeast in place of cheese with sliced tomatoes.  But those dreams will wait until I recover from this cold and have an appetite to (hopefully) enjoy them.

On a less than vegan note (though I believe it is still vegan) I'm wondering about hot toddy's for colds.  Watched a fav episode of Home Improvement when Jill gets drunk on a hot toddy while sick... which is pretty much how I act anyway when I'm sick :) I'd go for a slightly drunken sleep tonight just to get some sleep!

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  1. I had to teach myself to like spicy stuff. I didn't really have much of a tolerance for it before going vegan, but now I absolutely love Indian and Ethiopian food, both of which are heavy on the spice.

    Glad you like the Pho, you must have put the ginger in, I didn't when I made it since I forgot to buy some at the store, so I didn't find the broth spicy.